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The Two Subtle Things You Need To Find Profitable Real Estate Deals Online

Taliah Karim April 11, 2022
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A straightforward, but really important concept.
“You only need two things as a business: 1) for clients to know you exist, and 2) for them to trust you.”
Now, bundled up in those two things are a slew of additional aspects on which we tend to focus for the majority of our working lives: our offering, pricing, brand image, website, lead channels, and so on. So I’m not suggesting that business owners ignore those considerations. But I’m getting at that, and as business owners (or, in your case, investors), we tend to overcomplicate things and become overwhelmed when attempting to figure out how to boost sales and growth.
Consider this: in colonial America, you might be a blacksmith, and in 2025, you could be the CEO of a self-driving car firm. Customers must first be aware of your existence (that is, they must be aware of who you are and what you offer) and then trust you.
Here’s what I’m talking about.
Imagine you found an excellent post regarding Google Adwords in 2022 and decided to investigate it more. So, what happens if it’s a different channel in 5 years? In five years, where will people be paying attention? How about ten?
What will the future of the industry be like? What will Zillow and Trulia do to differentiate themselves?
To make things easier, you must first comprehend this principle. Let’s begin with the most basic.

1. Potential Clients Must Be Aware That You Exist.

If they don’t know you, they can’t trust you (or sell to you). That’s all there is to it. So, all you need is to take a step back and ask yourself, “Where are motivated sellers paying attention?”
There are several methods for determining this;

The first step is to put yourself in their position. Where would you begin if you were anxious to sell? Would you reach for your phone to look for answers? If that’s the case, perhaps paying for Google advertisements or investing in getting your site to rank well in search is the best way to get in front of them.
Are they frantically scanning the mail for foreclosure notices? Then a mailer informing them of who you are and what you do would be a brilliant idea.
The second option is to contact existing clients. Inquire about them. “Hey, where did you look for solutions when you were looking for solutions?” Where did you go to look for answers?”
The point is that you’re thinking for yourself about your specific audience and asking, “Where are they paying attention?” instead of merely following what the current digital marketing gurus say. Then you work hard to show up so they can see who you are and what you have to give.
When they discover you, what are some things you need to tell them?
In basic English, what you do. Don’t use industry jargon or buzzwords. “We buy houses from folks who can’t wait for a realtor,” or whatever you do, tell them upfront.
How does the procedure work?

Are you reachable?

Any specifics they’re interested in?
However, that is only half the battle. They must trust you once they are aware of your existence and that you offer a solution to their problem.

2. Potential Clients Must Have Faith in You.

It’s not enough to have clients phone you or visit your website if they don’t trust you sufficiently to give you their details or ask you to come out and look at their property before making an offer.
Most people overlook the importance of trust. Many business owners are concentrating on getting in front of potential buyers. In my opinion, less emphasis is placed on establishing trust with that audience.
Here are a few suggestions:

On your website, include testimonials and reviews.

Anticipate their queries and be prepared with quality, honest responses.

Inform them that you might not be suitable for them. You can’t be a service for everyone (no one can).
Be willing to go beyond the call of duty. If they call, be patient and respond to their queries. If you meet with them, pay attention, ask questions, and express concern.

In your communication, be empathic and get to know them more personally.

They now have faith in you.
This is more significant than the marketing trends of this year.
This is a straightforward notion. I don’t expect it to be particularly revelatory. I hope it streamlines the way you think about marketing, lead generation, and expanding your real estate investment firm.
We get so distracted in the here and now that we forget that business while challenging, is also simple:

Provide a service that alleviates real human pain.

Locate those individuals who are paying attention to that pain.

Get in front of them, communicating how you alleviate that pain and what they need to know to trust you enough to work with you.

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