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From Renter to Owner Program

Our free home buyers prep program was designed to assist clients who are interested in purchasing their first home or investment property and either believe they can’t qualify or are overwhelmed with the process and don’t know where to begin.

Wouldn’t It Be Amazing to Have a Place You Can Actually Call Your Own?!

You could make changes that appease you whenever you felt the need, and if you are in a market where rents are escalating, you’d be taking advantage of the financial upside from savings that are associated with buying over renting.

If you are ready to make the jump from renter to homeowner TKRE Group Inc. is here to help make that dream come true!

We have put together a program that will provide support through comprehensive action planning with a mission to guide you to the Closing Table!

Things to Consider

There will be a shift in responsibility, when you are renting and you have an issue in your apartment, you call the landlord. When you are an owner you are the landlord therefore the responsibility lies on you.


Now that you are the responsible party in charge of your own repairs you want to be sure to have some reserves set to the side just in case these issues arise sooner than later. We always recommend a Home Inspection as a part of the buying process, this ensures you know what condition the home is in prior to becoming the new owner/s.

Don’t miss out on the potential savings of making the shift from renting to owning . Here is a list of benefits that can help you with your bottom line when its time to do your taxes:

  • Deducting your mortgage interest
  • Deducting closing costs
  • Deducting depreciation & repairs (Investment Properties)
  • Deducting your property taxes
  • Deducting operating expenses (Investment Properties)

Trust the Process

As a part of the program we want to encourage our clients to establish healthy credit so we first need to evaluate your credit score and history. Although you can buy a house with a 580 credit score, a low score will prevent you from being eligible for the best interest rates; this means you will be paying more money for the same house.


We recommend working on your credit as the initial step in the process if you are comfortable with a higher interest rate then we will gladly get you started.

  • If your score is below a 620 our first step will be to work together on an action plan that will increase your score and clear up derogatory items on your credit history. This will require you to do the work and trust the process.
  • If your score is 620+ we can begin the preapproval process immediately, this will provide us with the info we need to properly determine your buying power.
  • Being a first-time homebuyer allows you the opportunity to take advantage of the FHA program. This is a government backed loan that only requires 3.75% down-payment. (There are other programs you could be eligible for depending on other determining factors).

Be Realistic About Your Expectations

Your loan approval amount will be largely based on your income. Unless you are adding cash (in addition to your down-payment) to the purchase that amount, along with factors of the market you are shopping in, will determine the homes available to you. We want to shop with intent, so it is important you understand (with our guidance) where the market is in terms of pricing and availability.


There are other strategies surrounding Real Estate Investing that could allow you to add additional income to your loan application if you are interested in going that route. This process would involve becoming a landlord by purchasing a Multi Family Property.

You/Your family would occupy one unit and you’d rent out the other lenders would consider that income in addition to your employment income which would increase your buying power. The upside is those rents charged to your tenants will offset your mortgage payments and could potentially cover the entire amount.

If you are realistic about your expectations we can be successful in helping you reach your Real Estate goals. Our mission is to educate and serve, we are ready if you are!

Renter to Owner

Take advantage of our free guidance program that will help you put the pieces together and prepare you to become a homeowner.