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Small Bathroom Storage Ideas to Help Kick the Clutter!

Taliah Karim September 25, 2022
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Bathroom real estate is a mighty commodity and one you just can't have enough of. From toiletries to toothbrushes to hair tools and towels, your bathroom is a small space that needs to hold a lot of varying items. Today we’re sharing a few small bathroom storage ideas to help pack function and organization into every available square inch! Before you begin organizing your space, you'll want to trash all your old hair products, mini bars of hotel soap you brought home from your last vacation, and all of the other various items you no longer need or use. There's nothing quite like a clutter-free bathroom, so start the declutter by throwing away those items that have just been sitting & taking up space for months. This will make organizing much easier, give you a better sense of how much stuff you have, and help you figure out if you need to purchase additional storage solutions.

Go With Towel Hooks Instead of a Bar

Have limited space for hanging your towels? Use hooks instead of a towel bar! Towel hooks come in many different sizes, shapes, and finishes. Also, the way hooks are mounted is very diverse. There are towel hooks that can hang over the top of a door, towel hooks that can be mounted with a toggle bolt or command strip, and towel hooks that can be mounted with wall anchors. Hooks can also be directly mounted to a door even if it’s not a solid core door. The space-saving aspect and the versatility of where it can be mounted greatly win over towel bars. The actual size of the towel hook as well doesn’t have to be dictated by the design, some can be pretty non-intrusive and some can be very ornate/industrial. The fact of the matter is there is a towel hook for everyone out there.

Up the Storage in Your Shower

If your shower doesn’t have any built-in niches or shelves for toiletries, there are lots of options for organizers that will add extra storage space including some surprisingly stylish ones!

Add Storage Above the Toilet

The blank space above your toilet is the perfect spot for hanging art but in a small bathroom, you might want to use it for storage space too.

See It All With Spinners

Rotating racks and turntables are great solutions for storing things in bathroom cabinets and linen closets – a simple spin allows you to see everything rather than having to rummage through what’s in the front to see things in the back.

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